Monday Morning Inspiration - 4/6/15

"Wolves" American Aquarium
"Alabama Pines" Jason Isbell
"Katie" Fred Eaglesmitih



"When The Wolves are Hungry, the wolves will eat
I just wish these wolves would keep their claws outta me"

The chorus is undeniable. The stand-out track on the album. 

Alabama Pines

"Well I moved into this room, if you could call it that a week ago,
I never do what I'm supposed to do, hardly even know my name anymore"

Jason Isbell is a master songwriter. Every verse in this song has a way of putting your right smack in the middle of it. 


"Katie, katie, what'd I do. I was so in love with you"

Fred Eaglesmith is such a treasure and is one of the most underrated touring songwriters alive right now. I had the pleasure of seeing his show back in January. If you have the opportunity, I'd highly recommend it. 

BONUS: "Been a Long Time" - Fred Eaglesmith